Community Action New Mexico

These successes were possible 
through the generosity of CANM 
supporters and donors -
VISIONARY (over $100,000)
FUTURIST ($25,001 - $100,000)
Mott Foundation
New Mexico Community Foundation/
Atlantic Philanthropies
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
McCune Foundation
My Bank
Single Stop USA
Wells Fargo Bank and Foundation
LEADER ($10,001 - $25,000)
CNM Foundation
ADVOCATE ($1,001 - $10,000)
Ford Foundation
Merrion Oil & Gas Foundation
New Mexico Project for Financial Literacy
Ona Porter & Miriam Rand
Tides Foundation
Lawrence & Kit Anderson
Asset Development Strategies
Judith Bailey
Carla Barlow
Robert & Liliana Berger
Mary Ellen Capek & Sue Hallgrath
Cuatro Puertas
Arcelia Davila & Urbano Maya
Ann Dunlap & Melinda Moffit
Collin Farley
First Financial Credit Union
In the Memory of Dorothy Fitzgerald
Marilyn Folden
Sandi Gilley
Cheryl Gooding & Julie Rosen
Sue Hallgarth & Mary Elle Capek
Scott Herron
Interworld Associates
Norty & Summers Kalishman
Lou King
Richard Kolson
Catherine Lara
Miriam Lawrence & Carol Mengerink
Bonnie Lesley
Jim Masters
Mary McLeod & Kathy
Melinda Moffit & Ann Dunlap
Kiley Moran
Bruce and Carolyn Muggenburg
James Nusbaum
Open Hands, Inc.
Cecillia Popp & Barak Wolff
Brian & Paulette Porter
Blair and Susan Porter
Jami Lara Porter
The Porters
Nan Porterfield
Maria Griego Raby, Randy Royster, Francisco Raby-Mondragon
E Stephens Rand
Fleet & Kim Rand
The Rands
Mary Reed & Karen Brown
Saint Jerome's Episcopal Church
Judy and Stephen Smith
Janet Spector & Kathleen O'Malley
Helen Sproull
Gary Stokes
Rachel Tenario
Wilma Terkhorn
Eleanor & Kelly Townsend
Kelly & Corey Townsend
Kevin & Margie Townsend
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Townsend
Wayne & Maggie Unze
Gwen Walker & Linda Roe
Robert Wartell
Anna Whitaker
Kathleen Wright
CATALYST (up to $1,000)
The above list is under construction.  
Please check back to see additional 
donors in the near future.
Community Action New Mexico is a statewide 
association of Community Action Agencies. Our  
member agencies provide services and advocacy 
throughout the state. This is just some of the work 
our agencies do in their communities:
develop our economy
  • Asset Building
  • Financial Education
  • Aid to Farm Workers
  • Small Business Development
improve housing
  • Creating Affordable Housing
  • Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation
  • Making Homes Energy Efficient
educate our youth
  • Family Resources
  • Teen Parent Programs
  • Head Start & GEDs
empower communities
  • Senior Services
  • Child and Adult Care
prevent homelessness
  • Employment Training
  • Job Placement
Strengthening the economy 
and building tomorrow’s 
workforce by developing the 
assets of New Mexico’s 
children, families and 
It is the mission of Community Action New Mexico to develop 
and lead a policy agenda, and implement strategies with 
member agencies that will:
    Improve the strategic and fiscal capacity of agencies in
    New Mexico to fulfill their mission
    Define poverty and set goals for its elimination
    Develop and test high impact strategies
    Re-focus resources for highest impact
    Engage communities to end poverty, and
    Engage in strategic advocacy
Banking HELPjam

Luis Padilla of HELP NM and Sondae Grano of Samaritan House 
have coordinated with their local banker, 1st National Bank of Las 
Vegas, to ensure that every IDA Saver gets off to a great start.  

Both agencies have decided that no IDA Saver will have to go to 
the bank alone for the account opening procedure.  HELP and 
Samaritan House want IDA Savers to feel comfortable with the 
project and with the account open process and have decided that 
having the IDA Coordinator go with the IDA Saver to the bank is a 
great way to start the relationship.  Way to go Luis and Sondae!

Test your homeownership readiness

With the continued rise in foreclosure rates it is more important 
than ever to make sure that our IDA Savers who are ready for 
home ownership.  This helpful list of questions from Homewise 
in Santa Fe can be used to help to asses readiness for home 

Financial literacy course graduates 18

Last spring in T or C, eighteen students attended an awards 
luncheon to celebrate their successful completion of a 20-hour 
financial management and planning course. The New Mexico 
Assets Consortium, a project of Community Action New Mexico, 
facilitated the free financial management course, commonly 
taught by Certified Financial Planners.  

The New Mexico Assets Consortium also funds matched savings 
plans known as Individual Development Accounts.  The Individual 
Development Accounts (IDAs) match personal savings at a rate 
of $4.00 for every $1.00 saved, with a limit of $4,000.  These 
accounts can be used to build assets through education, home 
purchase, or small business.


Do you dream of going back to school, starting 
your own business, or owning your own home?  
IDA income guidelines
Community Action New Mexico   400 Central Ave. SE #101  Albuquerque, NM  87102    505.217.2747
If you answered “yes,” then the IDA (Individual Development Account) 
program can help you make that dream come true.

save for an asset
The IDA program was created to encourage saving money toward 
investing in your education, starting or expanding your own small 
business, or owning your own home.  What these three things have 
in common is that they are long-term assets, valuable things that you 
own, that will last a long time, and that will add to the quality of your 
life.  The IDA Program encourages you to save money towards 
investing in one of these three goals by rewarding consistent saving 

turn $1000 into $5000
Every $1 of earned income you save towards one of the assets listed 
above, is matched by up to $4 (called “matching funds”).  Both your 
money and the matching funds are saved in a bank account.  This 
account “maxes out” at $5,000 – meaning that up to $1,000 of the 
money you save is matched by up to $4,000 in matching funds.  

how to qualify
In order to be eligible for an IDA account, you need to meet the 
income guidelines listed in the table at left, and your household 
cannot have more than $10,000 in assets, excluding your home and 
one vehicle.

Then, you need to identify the asset you plan to secure with your IDA 
savings account, complete our 20 hour financial literacy program, 
and submit an application for the IDA program.

learn more
To learn more about IDAs, call (505)217-2747 for more information. 
Frequently Asked Questions also provides more detailed information.

TAX HELP New Mexico

CNM’s TAX HELP New Mexico program began 34 years ago at 
Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) as a practical 
means of giving accounting students work experience in tax 
preparation while serving a community need.

The free tax return preparation service prepares and files tax 
returns electronically for those whose annual household income 
is less than $42,000 or who are age 65 or older.  According to 
recent numbers, 70 percent of New Mexicans are eligible for the 
program, yet only 6.5 percent take advantage of it.



about the energy project

The Energy Project approaches the goal of making energy bills 
affordable through
  • energy efficiency by:
  • reducing global warming,
  • reducing household energy consumption,
  • encouraging aggressive government & utility investment 
    in energy efficiency for low-income households,
  • encouraging policies for efficient building codes,
  • and encouraging polices for high appliance standards;
  • advocating for fair utility rates as well as:
  • working to eliminate punitive fees and charges that 
    make bills even more unaffordable,
  • and seeking adequate funding for energy assistance;
  • strong consumer protections by:
  • serving as a utility watchdog,
  • scrutinizing utility practices,
  • educating customers,
  • and standing up for consumer rights.


DISCONNECTION (NMAC 8.150.610.10)  is rapidly approaching!!!

As of MARCH 15, all LIHEAP eligible households now in arrears and without a payment 
plan will be subject to shut-off.

  •        Please contact us if you need help negotiating a reasonable payment plan with 
    any utility company.  
  • To apply for WEATHERIZATION assistance through the Mortgage Finance 
    Authority's (MFA's) Energy$mart program. Clients can contact MFA directly at (505) 
  • You have the RIGHT TO FILE A COMPLAINT about a utility with the Public 
    Regulation Commission (PRC). Clients should call their Commissioners directly, 
    as well as the Consumer Relations Division (CRD). The main # at the PRC is (505) 
    827-6941. CRD's # is (505) 827-6940, toll free (888) 427-5772. Complaint forms 
    can be downloaded and sent directly to clients without computer or internet 
    accessibility at Complaints can also be e-mailed to crd.
  • Additionally, ALL consumers have the right to make PUBLIC COMMENT before the 
    Commission during open meetings, which generally take place Tuesdays and 
    Thursdays at the PERA building in Santa Fe, 4th floor hearing room, beginning at 9:
    30 am.
  • Please contact your legislators ASAP and urge them to support SENATE BILL 71, 
    carried by Cisco McSorley, which would require municipally owned and operated 
    utilities to honor the Winter Moratorium.

The mission of CANM's Energy Project continues to focus on gaining systemic change in 
the policies of the state, as well as the policies and practices of utility companies, to 
provide for sustainable energy affordability for low income households in New Mexico.